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Busan Museum's 2nd New Collection of Artifacts in 2021

2021-06-15 (Tue) ~ 2021-10-17 (Sun)

2021년 제2회 신수유물 소개전 
다시 그리는 왜관 –초량화관지도草梁和館之圖
6.15. TUE 10.17. SUN 부산관 2F 미술실
부산박물관 Busan Museum

Map of Busan-po Choryang Hwagwan

○ Period: June 15 – October 17, 2021

○ Venue: Busan Museum

○ Opening Hours: 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. (Closed every Monday and January 1)

○ Free admission

○ For more info.: (051)610-7145

○ Website: https://museum.busan.go.kr/busan/specmun/view?dataNo=333

Online reservations are available at:

https://reserve.busan.go.kr/exprn/view?resveGroupSn=32&progrmSn=1074&srchGugun=&srchResveInsttCd=29&srchBeginDe=&srchEndDe=&srchVal= (Only in Korean)


Opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm Tuesday to Sunday (No night openings)

Visitors and all working staff at the venue are required to wear face masks inside the venue.

Hand sanitizer is available at the venue.

The staff will measure visitors’ temperatures with a non-contact thermometer.