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2021 Busan Food Film Festa

2021-07-02 (Fri) ~ 2021-07-04 (Sun)

Busan Cinema Center 2011-2021
2021 부산푸드필름페스타
Busan Food Film Festa
7월2일(금)-7월4일(일) 영화의전당
문의 www.bfff.kr 051.710.6948
주최, 주관 BFFF Busan Cinema Center 

This year’s theme of Busan Food Film Festa is “Bittersweet”

We now present a sweet and lovely poster of the 2021 Busan Food Film Festa.

The Poster of Busan Food Film Festa uses comfortable green and bright color aiming to make people imagine a relaxing vibe from when they drink coffee or having desserts.

The Poster tries to picture freedom hoping to take the mask away and enjoying the festival like before.

At Busan Food Film Festa We could share our “Bittersweet” life stories and have many different types of coffee and desserts.

Why don’t we have a cup of coffee at Busan Food Film Festa?

For more details, please refer to https://www.bfff.kr/ !

○ Period: July 2 – July 4, 2021

○ Venue: Busan Cinema Center

○ For more info.: (051)710-6948

○ Website: http://bfff.kr/ (Korean)

○ hosted and organized by: Busan Food Film Festa Organizing Committee, Busan Cinema Center