第19回釜山世界市民祭り - 5月18日, 映画の殿堂

2024-05-17 28  ヒット


○ 日付:2024年5月18日, 午前10:00 - 午後6:00

○ 場所: 映画の殿堂

○ 入場料:無料

○ ウェブサイト:http://www.globalgathering.co.kr/2024/

○ お問い合わせ:(051)711-6845

釜山在住の外国人や海外のアーティストと一緒に楽しむ祭り、イベントも開催される。5月18日午前10時から午後6時まで、映画の殿堂で開催される「第19回釜山世界市民祭り」は、世界各国の文化を体験できる国際的なイベント。釜山英語放送局が放送するラジオ番組「All-Star English」の特集公開放送や、カザフスタンの文化公演チームによる招待公演など、多彩なイベントが行われる。日本やアメリカ、中国、ベトナム、ドイツなど、釜山在住の外国人が参加する祭りで、各国の衣装やグルメなども体験できる。

제19회 부산세계시민축제 GLOBAL GATHERING 2024

5월18일(SAT) 10AM - 6PM Busan Cinema Center 
What is Global Gathering? 
The largest multicultural family festival in Busan where you can experience cultures from around the world. It is a global cultural event that promotes exchange, communication, and harmony with people from around the world. 

Busan citizens, foreigners residing in Busan, foreign embassies in Korea, tourism offices, etc. participate to introduce a variety of traditional items from each country, as well as internationa food, costumes, and culture. 

부산광역시 글로벌 도시재단
Busan Global City Foundation 

Opening ceremony 
Opening declaration, introduction of guests, welcome speech, congratulatory speech, commendation for merit, ceremony, commemorative photo, etc. 

Cultural performance 
Operation of cultural experience booths by country, domestic and international invitational performances and foreign community performances 

BeFM All-Star English 
 All-Star English Citizen Pop Song Singing Contest  Final competition, live broadcast on YouTube 
  Special MC Busan Boogie & George Han Kim  

The 12th Korea-China-Japan Children s Art Fair 
*Exhibition period 24.5.18 (Sat) - 6.2 (Sun), Centum City Station 

Enjoy English Week special zone 
English experience activities and Promotion booth operation 
2024. 5. 18. (Sat) / Between  Double Cone  and  Beef Hill , Outdoor Plaza of Cinema Center 

Global Citizen s Storg in Movies 
Celebrating World Citizen s Day, stories of global citizens in movies 
Free movie viewing 24.5.18 (Sat), 5.25 (Sat),  

제19회 부산세계시민축제 GLOBAL GATHERING 2024
Time Table
Festival Schedule
10:00-12:00 performance 1-8
12:00-13:00 Raffle Draw & Performance 9-11
13:00-14:30 Opening Ceremony & Award of the 12th Korea-China-Japan Children s Art Fair
14:30-16:00 BeFM All-Star English Special Public Broadcast
16:00-18:00 Performance 12-19 & Raffle Draw Closing 

Global Citizen s Story in Movies
Watch the films of the Global Citizen Film Festival
and talk about global issues through expert talks and experience programs!
Participation fee: Free
Place: Cinematheque, Busan Cinema Center (6F Cinemountain)
Collaboration: Korea-Africa Foundation, Busan Int l Kids and Youth Film Festival

Global Gathering Participation Booth
GLOBAL GATHERING 2024 부산세계시민축제
부산광역시 글로벌 도시재단
Busan Global City Foundation 

Stamp Rally & Raffle Draw
May 18, 2024 (Sat) 
A prize entry ticket will be given to those who complete the stamp mission. 
(2 rounds) 11310-12:00 (1st round), 11:30-18:00 (2nd round) 

How to participate 
If you visit the stamp designation booths and collect 5 stamps, you can have a chance to join a raffle draw and a chance to win. 
After receiving 5 stamps, visit the Information Booths to participate in the Raffle Draw 

Busan to Bangkok 2 round-trip airline tickets 
20 inch bike / folding bike & stroller 
Shinsegae gift certificate 

Other small home appliances / Yacht boarding ticket / Cable car ticket Sanghwang mushrooms / Piazza-Grande Modena olive oil, etc. A variety of products are available, so please participate in the Busan Global Gathering  

제19회 부산세계시민축제 GLOBAL GATHERING 2024
Participate in various events and performances at the festival. Have fun and experience cultures from around the world 

2024. 5. 18 (Sat) 10A.M.,- 6P.M. 
Location: Busan Cinema Center (Line 2 Centum City Station Exit 6) 
Target audience: Any citizen of the world, regardless of age, gender or nationality can participate 
Admission: Free
Event participants: 4 hours at Busan Cinema Center / Free parking for 2 hours for exhibition visitors 
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