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What kind of work do Geopark guides do?

Development and operation of educational and exploration programs to help visitors’ understanding of Geoparks


Observation of changes in geological attractions with facility checks


Surveillance activities to prevent damage to Geopark resources (nature and geological attractions, etc.)


Other activities recognized by the local government head to be necessary for national geopark management


Geopark guide license

What is a Geopark guide license?

The license given to successful applicants after the completion of the curriculum and evaluation so that they can systematically deliver knowledge about Geoparks to visitors and local residents, and professionally deliver Geopark commentary, publicity, education, exploration and guidance.

  • Basis of license: Natural Parks Act
  • Application eligibility: unlimited
  • Acquisition method: Simply pass the evaluation after completion of the new trainee course
Notice on curriculum for Geopark guide license

How to acquire Geopark guide license

Simply pass the evaluation after completion of the new trainee course, license is granted.

New trainee course

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Classification Detailed schedule Education hours
Courtesy training (9 subjects in 4 fields) Basic quality, communication, docent program, safety control 40 hours
Specialized course (11 subjects in 6 fields) Understanding of geology, topography and geopark system, geopark commentary on-the-job training, natural environment and cultural tourism 60 hours

Evaluation method

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Classification Point distribution Acceptable standards
Theory evaluation Attendance rate Perfect score of 10 points Above 60 points
Written test Perfect score of 90 points
Commentary demonstration Perfect score of 100 points Above 70 points

Exemption from exam subjects

  • Natural environment guide: 8 hours for natural environment
  • Cultural tourism guide: 8 hours for cultural tourism
  • Geology-related field majors: 15 hours for understanding of geology, 5 hours for understanding of topography
※ For the curriculum details, refer to the attachment.

What benefits are given to
Geopark guides?

Guides can work at National Geoparks around the country, contribute to preservation of geological resources and deliver knowledge to visitors.
They can continue to participate in education and exploration, making exchanges with other geopark guides across the nation to grow their own capabilities. For active guides, activity cost is provided.

National Geopark Secretariat

Inquiry about National Geopark guides