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Geumjeongsan Life Heaven Earth Gut(exorcism)

The “Geumjeongsan Life Heaven Earth Gut” is a total arts festival held by PNU Kang Mee-ree Hal Dance Society every third day of the third lunar month around Busan’s geological attractions of Geumjeongsan Godanbong Peak, Geumsaem Spring and North Gate Square. Beginning in 2015, the festival includes dance, music and storytelling, aiming to cure the ills of daily life and create something new. It is the first memorial service in the spring to receive the spirit of new life and open a new world. Held in Geumjeongsan Mountain, guardian of Busan where the heavens meet the earth, the festival has become a ritual of sincere and earnest wishes for breaking away from greed, competition and control, for a life of peaceful coexistence with consideration, sharing and care. The festival was held five times up to 2019 through voluntary participation by professional artists from various fields but took a break due to COVID-19 in 2020~2022. The 6th event took place on the third day of the third lunar month in 2023. Experience the creative culture of the local community and dynamic communication with residents of Busan’s geological attraction, Geumjeongsan Mountain.

*Reference : https://blog.naver.com/haldance25
*Photo source: Pusan National University (PNU) Kang Mee-ree Hal Dance Society [Unauthorized copying and distribution prohibited]
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