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Dadaepo Beach


Dadaepo Beach is a wide sandy beach in the eastern part of the delta that developed at the Nakdonggang Estuary. The beach covers 53,000㎢ , with a length of 900m and a width of 100m. Dadaepo Beach, a popular summer holiday destination, is composed of sand deposited by the Nakdonggang River and features a gentle slope and warm and shallow water. Recently established Dadaepo Beach Park and the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream attract a number of visitors and the beach provides various programs such as tidal flat experience and surfing. Along the wide sandy beach, visitors can observe a variety of geological and ecological features such as coastal sand dunes, dune plants, modern ripple marks, tidal flats and sand-bubbler crabs. At the eastern end of the beach, sediment layers of the Dadaepo Formation comprising conglomerate, sandstone, silt, and mudstone (sediments of the Dadaepo Basin) and outcrops of andesite and dacite can be observed. Also, it is possible to observe unique geological structures such as syn-depositional normal faults, dykes, veins, sills and various joint sets as well as sediment structures, including stratification, cross-bedding and fossils.