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Amnam Park


Amnam Park is located to the south of the Songdo Peninsula, which corresponds to the southeastern part of the Dadaepo Basin. The entire park is covered by a dense forest, and 500 species of marine plants and wild flowers form a natural ecosystem that is not found in the city center. Along the coastline, a peculiar rocky cliff composed of the sedimentary rocks of the Lower Dadaepo Formation occurs, creating a fantastic view with the background of blue ocean. With recently built Songdo Cable Car, Dinosaur Theme Park, and Yonggung Cloud Bridge, the geosite receives much attention as a course for geological education and tourism. Neolithic relics such as comb-pattern pottery and shell middens have also been excavated in the park. It is also very rich in geological diversity as various rocks such as the Lower Dadaepo Formation sedimentary rocks, conglomerate, sandstone, mudstone, and various geological structures such as apical faults, magmatic dikes, and clastic dikes are observed.