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Geumjeongsanseong Makgeolli

Liquor made according to the traditional method by Korea’s one-of-a-kind makgeolli master, using the Yu family’s 500-year-old yeast and bedrock water from Geumjeongsan Mountain, offers a noble and zippy flavor. Brewery tour, yeast and makgeolli making programs are a fun and interesting experience.


Café EL16.52, offering expansive views of the beautiful Songdo coast harmonizing with forests, has a unique exterior where you can enjoy freshly roasted coffee and baked goods.

Café Dream

10 Sights of Busan! Café in Amisan Observatory offers panoramic views of beautiful sunsets unfolding every day! The café is located on the third floor of Amisan Observatory at the Nakdonggang Estuary, well-known for its beautiful sunsets.

  • Inquire : 051-266-5233

Yeongdo Jonaegi Sweet Potato

Jonaegi Sweet Potatoes were brought by Mr. Jo Eom from Tsushima Island in 1764. They were first planted around the current Dongsam-dong and Cheonghak-dong areas in Yeongdo, before spreading across the country. Rich in dietary fiber, they are good for weight-loss and as a nutritious snack. All products are produced with freshly harvested sweet potatoes from nearby farms.
Geopark visitors (carrying with the leaflet) receive a 10% discount on purchases.

Daejeo Tomato (Daejeo Salty Tomato)

Daejeo Salty Tomatoes, grown in the constant sunshine and mineral-rich soil of the delta area where Nakdonggang River meets the sea, have firmer flesh and higher sugar content than normal tomatoes. They are known for being small but exceptionally delicious.

  • Inquire : 051-972-4154

Oryukdo Dolbbang (stone-looking bread)※Temporarily closed due to the business’ circumstances

Stone-shaped lucky handmade bread on rocky Oryukdo Islands, Ggulbbang, honey bread in Tongyeong, Gyeongjubbang in Gyeongju, Oryukdo Dolbbang in Oryukdo Islands, Busan! Oryukdo Dolbbang, specialty of Oryukdo Islands, is fresh and healthy bread baked with care every morning using white bean paste and nuts.
Geopark visitors (carrying the leaflet) receive a complimentary piece of Oryukdo Dolbbang with their set purchases.

Sanseong Cheongsong Garden

Cheongsong Garden, an attraction in the village of Geumjeongsanseong Fortress, has followed the old tradition for two generations as a mountain lover caring about the environment. The restaurant serves as a guide for mountain visitors and provides excellent food and thoughtful service.

  • Inquire : 051-517-5502

Goraesa Fish Cake

Since its establishment in 1963, the business has provided 100 varieties of fish cake free of flour, synthetic preservatives and artificial flavors, including freshly baked, fried and steamed fish cake under its own brand, 「Goraesa」. It is Busan’s best food business certified by the Busan city government.
Goraesa fish cake cooking classes are also on offer.