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[Implementation goal 01]

Productionㆍsupply of safe and tasty tap water

[Implementation direction 02]

  • Producing high quality tap water by strengthening water quality management and building a stable supply system
  • Securing the sound finance of waterworks through efficient budget operation and management improvement
  • Improving customer satisfaction through improvement of citizen-centered services

[Implementation policy 03]

  • Stable securement of clean alternative water source
  • > Development of GyeongnamㆍBusan inter-regional water supply system, R&D project of seawater desalination
  • Strengthening water management aiming at production of high-quality tap water
  • > Sourceㆍfiltered water quality management, management of water supply protection area, disclosure of water quality information
  • Building stable tap-water supply system
  • > Maintenance of old supply pipes, expansion of water reservoirs, maintenance of old water-provision valves
  • Aiming for the modernization of old water-supply facilities
  • > Installing shutoff to prevent contamination sources of the filtration basin, improvement of activated carbon filtration structure
  • Aiming for efficient waterworks management
  • > Enhancement of water flow rate and filtration facility operation rate, Continuous efforts to improve management
  • Expansion of waterworks administration service and enhancing trust in tap-water
  • > Support for vulnerable social groups, Introduction of outdoor reading system, Strengthening tap-water promotion