Tap Water Safety

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[Highly developed purification]

Improved methods of deposition and filtrations, ozonation and active carbon treatment eliminates germs, THM, foul taste and odors.

[Water quality inspection]

  • Every month our water is tested by the Tap Water [Quality Committee] made up of 17 professional that meet to the strict high standards of tap water quality.
  • The light scent of disinfection means that the water has been properly purified and is safe for consumption. All chlorine and disinfections naturally vaporizes with distilling or by boiling.

[Enjoy a lifetime of health]

Test after test show that a healthy life can be enjoyed drinking tap water. What the public does not realize is our local tap water quality is the same found all over the world. During the last five years a brita-generations has been born through heavy marketing. Tap water not only matches quality pound for pound but is substantially cheaper then bottled water.