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Welcome to Busan Water Authority

Water is Life.

Water is the primary necessity to sustain life on this plant. Human beings have always sought water and the quantity and quality have evolved as we ourselves have grown. Our civilization is based on this need, and human history reflects this very principle. Water is life.

Our tap water is clean because of the technical innovation of filtration.Currently Busan's utilizes Nakdong River as its main water source, after a rigorous filtration process in state of the art treatment facilities involving 150 itemized inspections, the water is brought to you r home. Our scientifically sounds filtration process and newly developed production methods insure that clean reliable water is available for your consumption.

Dear Citizens we plead to produce clean water.

Honorable people of Busan, In the 21st Century we have to fight pollution and contamination of our water supply. Let us conserve our water that gives us life and all do our part to insure that future generations can enjoy the purity of today.

We at Busan Water Authority promise to help quench the thirst of 400 thousands Busan citizens’ everyday.

Thank you very much.