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[Mobile Consultation]

An educational tour to learn more about Busan’s tap water. (Held 8 times annually)

The mobile consultation vehicle will go around in the greater Busan district answering your questions about our tap water

General Subject

home faucet, water tank, plumbing, medical water, marketing tap water, filtration system and industrial water etc.

Detailed Subject

General Bacteria, Large Intestines, pH level, etc There will be 14 separate subjects

[Compensation of wrongful service]

Return to original state or compensation

If discomfort or miscalculation arises from use of our water we will remedy the problem

Compensation for errors

If our technician can not solve your problem during the first visit to your household, we will pay give you 5 thousand won with each additional visit.

[Reward for Leakage Reporting]

Be the first to report a water leakage and receive a reward

A new regulation started in November 11, 2000 gives rewards to those who are the first to report water leakages. Please notify this information to our head-office, rewards will be given in the way of transportation cards.

[Waterworks Administration SMS]

Because we here at Busan Waterworks are always eager to inform our customers. We now offer SMS (Short Message Service) to provide with the latest on news, construction plans and monthly payment plans available.