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Korea's National Geopark

What is a Korea’s National Geopark?

  • Korea’s National Geopark is a new system, certificated by the government, for conservation of an area which has scientific importance for earth sciences and outstanding scenic values. Geopark is a park designated especially for its value related with geological studies and preservation.
  • Geosite refers to a place with rare and valuable geological or geomorphological phenomenon.
  • Unlike the UNESCO World Heritages, Biosphere Reserves, and National Parks which are for preserving, the Geopark is a new alternative form of park. It not only preserves the geosites, but also for educational and tourism uses, to promote regional economic development on the following.
  • Geological heritage is a valuable natural heritage that holds geological records for tracing past evolutionary history of the Earth, understanding the present natural environment, and for preparing the future change of Earth.
  • Geotourism is a form of tourism that provides various informations on geology and geography, and also archaeology, culture, ecology, and history.

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