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Boarding boats brings Busanites buoyant bliss

A gorgeous white yacht glides seamlessly over the East Sea's waves under Gwang-andaegyo Bridge. Jangsan, Nurimaru APEC House and the skyscrapers of Centum City tower above the horizon. No, this isn't a scene from a movie. It's a real experience you can enjoy today. 

8-1-24_하늘 색깔 다운
A yacht passes through the iconic skyscrapers of Haeundae's Marine City on the way to Gwangalli on a beautiful summer evening.

Great fun at low cost

Busan is one of Korea's largest summer des-tinations, and the sea has a lot to write home about. The enjoyment of marine leisure has been steadily rising with surfing, kayaking and jet skiing serving as popular activities in the middle of the year. Many locations offer affordable prices on these summer pastimes. In fact, according to data from City Hall, there are 51 such companies, and the competitiveness between the organizations has led to a healthy price reduction in leisure across the board, including yacht rental. 

These days, one adult ticket on a yacht can range between 20,000 won and 40,000 won. Making a reservation is easy with a simple web search of "Busan yacht" or "부산 요트." Check your departure time, and book how many people are going. A party of 10 or more can rent the entire yacht for a private, friends-only affair, where the time and course are more flexible to your needs. Of course, pricing is then determined on what craft you ride, the number of people, departure time and length of journey. 

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Take a leisurely ride or an active one that involves fishing.

Busan Yachting Center

The Busan Yachting Center is one place to go to board a boat. Bring some comfortable clothing, a pair of sunglasses and a fashionable hat and enjoy the ride. You'll set out to the open sea and sail in bliss for an hour around Gwangandaegyo Bridge, Haeundae and Marine City. 

On board, finger food and other services are provided. Each company provides their own refreshments. Some companies offer beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, and some offer potato chips and tasty snacks. There are also yacht tours that deliver the chance and provide equipment for fishing, as well as an option to spend the night on the sea. 

Those who who want to avoid July's blistering heat can go on sunset and night cruises. Yacht tours aren't limited to just the hottest months of the summer, though. You can board a boat to celebrate Christmas and ring in the new year, as well! 


Yachttaja (요트타자):

Busan Yacht Tour (부산요트투어):

Wow Yachts (와우요트):

Yachttale (요트탈래):

How to get there: Dongbaek Station (metro line 2), exit 3. Go straight for 100 meters, turn left, cross the crosswalk and go straight for 260 meters to the intersection. After turning right again, go straight for 280 meters, and cross the crosswalk.