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Citywide COVID -19 support updates


Treatment kit for at-home care

Starting last month, the city has decided to support more patients for at-home treatment, also referred to as "residential treatment." Those considered vulnerable, including single-person households and those registered with disabilities, can apply for a treatment kit through the city website. Households with members under the age of 12 or over 65 will receive a kit automatically dispatched sequentially through their local district or county health center.

Administrative information center 

Hospitals and clinics for an at-home consultation  

Administrative information centers for consultation, including quarantine and at-home treatment guidelines, are offered by 15 districts and one county. For those diagnosed with COVID-19, counseling and prescriptions are available on weekdays by calling designated hospitals or clinics regardless of a residential area. Additionally, specific locations are available for telephone consultation nights and weekends.

Medical consultation information 

Congestion information system at screening clinics

Since Feb. 24, the city has provided a mobile notification service that allows Basanites to check congestion levels of 26 screening clinics. The system improves the ease and convenience of getting tested. Applicable clinics are color-coded based on the number of visitors present at any given time. Marked green to red, they are labeled from least to most congested, taking under 30 minutes to over an hour.

Screening clinic congestion information