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Third annual UN commemorative ceremony begins

▲ The city of Busan and active duty soldiers, welcome UN members and their families to UNMCK.

 At this year's U.N. Weeks, various special events will be held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Korea's accession to the UN and the 70th anniversary of establishing the U.N. Memorial Cemetery in Korea (UNMCK). A one-of-a-kind gift was made in honor of these milestones and will be shared with related personnel and attendees.

 From Nov. 3 to 14, the United Nations Peace Memorial Hall (UNPM) will host the "2021 Korea Hoguk Art Exhibition" to display soldiers' art-work based on safeguarding the nation. On Nov. 10, the "Peace Wave Music Concert" will be held at the Busan Cultural Center. The next day, the "Tribute Peace Concert" and "Turn Toward Busan" will take place at UNMCK. Till the end of Busan U.N. Weeks, UNPM and UNMCK guests can participate in the "World Peace Walking Challenge," a walk held in remembrance of the 2,311 veterans laid to rest at UNMCK. More information is available online (

▲ The publication provided by Nam-gu, in English.

 Nam-gu (district), certified as the only Special Peace and Culture Zone, prepared a gift for the 70th anniversary of the UNMCK. A 28-page magazine entitled "Never Forget You All" was printed, 2,000 copies in English and another 2,000 in Korean.

 The magazine has muliple sections including a feature on UNMCK, a message of gratitude to the 22 U.N. member countries that fought in the Korean War, memorial messages from bereaved families and an article on the "Swedish Red Cross Field Hospital" in Busan, which treated more than two million people. 

 Additionally, there is a section devoted to "Pepero," a Korean snack dubbed goodwill ambassador for the Turn Toward Busan event. Dedication and contribution articles such as an article for veterans, written by Campbell Asia, a teenager known as the "Little Diplomat," were added to the publication. Vincent Courtenay, who originally proposed Turn Toward Busan, also wrote a tribute message for the book.

 The publication will be given to those who visit UNMCK on Nov. 11., for Turn Toward Busan. Also, they will send the magazine to related institutions such as the Foreign Veteran Association, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense.