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BISFF, a world-class event

고야상(Premios Goya) 로고-horz

▲ 'Premios Goya' logo and '2021 Canadian Screen Awards' poster.

 The Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF), which began in 1980, has shown films from various genres, including experimental and documentary films. The festival hosts screenings at the "Mountainside Road Rooftop Moonlight Theater," where people can watch movies alongside a view of the city. Additionally, BISFF created "Operation Kino," which supports short documentary production for university students. 

 The BISFF YouTube channel was the first festival of its kind to receive the "Silver Creator Award," for achieving over 100 thousand subscribers without ever violating the community guidelines. Currently, the channel has accumulated the most subscribers among film festival channels worldwide, over 280,000.

 Now, BISFF is standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's leading film festivals. It is the first Korean film festival officially certified by the Premios Goya and the Canadian Screen Award committees. It is a significant achievement after becoming an Oscar-qualifying festival in 2018.