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Becoming international city of visual content


▲ Since opening in 2011, the Busan Cinema Center has hosted countless events. (Source: Michael Kazemi)

 The city is making notable steps toward becoming the hub of the video content industry. With the attention gained from G-STAR, the nation's largest game exhibition, a fund will be created to revitalize the game and content industry. These funds will go toward intensively nurturing the Centum City area as an "Innovative Cultural District."

Film and video industry

 The 2021 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in cooperation with the Asian Film Market, now called the Asian Contents and Film Market (ACFM), will host a marketplace for various types of visual content. 

 The film and video production sectors are growing, with the help of the new state-of-the-art Busan Sound Station. The Haeundae location was set up within the Busan Post Production Center to create a one-stop-shop for video production.  This year, the International Film Business Academy division, of the Asian Film Academy, has opened more visual contents production classes. Students from more than 19 countries attend these classes, and numbers are increasing.

■ Game Industry

 Since 2009, G-STAR has been held in Busan, increasing the number of local game-related companies fivefold and sales 10 times. In 2015, the Busan Indie Connect Festival, an Indie game competition event, began helping the city's Indie game industry flourish. The festival presents the game industry's future, by introducing various indie games from around the world that are difficult to find in other exhibitions.

■ Webtoons and others

 Since the opening of the Busan Global Webtoon Center, the webtoon industry has been proliferating. The center discovers and supports new webtoon writers. One helpful amenity is a webtoon campus, which provides applicable education and services. Among the works of the resident writers, 10 pieces were made into films and videos. To foster the game and contents industry, this year Busan plans to set aside over 30 billion won for the Baby Shark Next Unicorn IP fund, following the success of last year's 15.9 billion won, Laguna Dynamic Game and Contents Fund.