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Hwangnyeongsan tourism landmark development ongoing

▲ Visual model of Daewon Plus Group's Hwangnyeongsan Park proposal. (Source: Busan Ilbo)

 A new park is expected to be built on Hwangnyeongsan Mountain, at the center of Busan. On Aug.19, the city signed an agreement with Daewon Plus Group, a private company specializing in construction and tourism expansion, to develop and build a new and improved Hwan-gnyeongsan Park. 

 According to Daewon Plus Group's proposal, the observatory will be about 50 meters tall and resemble a bongsudae (beacon fire station). If installed atop the 427-meter-tall mountain, the entire observatory will stand approximately 500 meters and the highest observatory in Korea.

 The lower part of the observatory will be terraced and utilized as a tourism and cultural space. All facilities will adopt a design that minimizes damage to the landscape of the mountain and the surrounding eco-system. Additionally, discussions on accessibility will include plans to install an eco-friendly ropeway.

 The summit of Hwangnyeongsan, currently home to a simple wooden platform and cafe, is known for being a popular nighttime gazing locale. Therefore, the city hopes that with the addition of the new observatory, this spot will garner the same fame as Naples, Hong Kong and Hakodate, for tourists Busanites alike.