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Additional attractions join Osiria Tourism Complex


▲ Lotte World Adventure Busan and Hilton Busan join the Osiria Tourism Complex, increasing the tourism draw of the Gijang area. 

※ Source: Kookje Newspaper(right top) / Kwon seonghoon(right bottom)

 The Osiria Tourism Complex is expected to breathe new life into Gijang-gun (county), as a representative tourist destination encompassing the southeastern region of Korea. Elaborately designed shopping malls and various cultural and tourism facilities are in the works.

 The budding complex introduced and continues to introduce a wide variety of attractions. One of the latest attractions, the "Skyline Luge," which opened on July 6, has had more than 100,000 already. Here, visitors ride specially-made carts down a 100-meter-tall four-course hill.

 Located next to the luge attraction is Lotte World Adventure Busan, the largest theme park in the southeast, which is expected to open later this month with two new blockbuster-scale roller coasters. First, the "Giant Digger," which rotates 360 degrees at 100 kilometers per hour, similar to the "Blue Fire" at Europa Park, Europe's largest theme park. Additionally, "Power Splash," a coaster that plunges 45 meters down into water, is reminiscent of "Pulsar" in Walibi, Belgium.

 On June 25, "Dong Busan Maison," Korea's only living-specialized mall, made itself at home in the Osiria Tourism Complex. The 13,000-squ-are-meter mall boasts 38 different premium brands over three floors, making it the largest mall in the area.  A large portion of the new mall hosts the Hanssem Design Park, measuring about 3,000 square meters. The showroom hosts over 1,000 pieces of furniture and daily necessities. Visitors can learn about the latest interior trends and experience 46 diverse concept-specific spaces, including three model houses. 

 The lobby, located on the first floor of "Maison Dongbusan," is decorated with an eco-friendly courtyard, where visitors can relax and unwind. The world's first brick-art theme park, "Brick Campus" and "C.Ruza Park," Korea's largest indoor skate park, are also on the first floor. On the second floor, guests can find furniture, linens, home appliances and luxury pet supplies. In addition, there is a playground and training ground for pets on the third floor. Maison Dongbusan is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.