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Busan begins COVID-19 vaccinations


▲ Busan city remains vigilant as the second quarter of vaccinations begins. (Kookje Newspaper)

■ Vaccination Plan

 Busan city plans to start the second quarter of the COVID-19 vaccination in April. Those scheduled to get the AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID-19 are disability facility residents and workers, homeless support facility residents and workers, school nurses, special education workers, and those in similar fields. Foreigners in these fields are also eligible for vaccination in April, with a valid Alien Registration Card (ARC).

 In April, six additional vaccination centers in Nam-gu (district), Buk-gu, Geumjeong-gu, Yeongdo-gu, Saha-gu and Gijang-gun are in the works. Beginning the first week of April, the Busan-jin center plans to provide Pfizer vaccines for senior citizens aged 75 or older, residents and workers in senior facilities. Additionally, expats aged 75 and older can get the vaccine at the center with a valid ARC. Busan city is working to establish safe and convenient vaccination procedures for Busanites of all ages. The timing and method of vaccination plans for the second quarter of this year may change depending on the vaccine's availability.

 Symptoms after vaccination may vary. In case of high fever, allergic reaction or other symptoms that interfere with daily life, the recipient should seek medical care. Information about symptoms can be found online ( or by calling 1339. 

■ Busan's Quarantine Taxi

 Busan city is operating the first quarantine taxi service in Korea for those with suspected symptoms of COVID-19 and who have difficulty getting a diagnostic test. Quarantine taxis are only operated using designated cars and drivers and scheduled to be distributed by district, centering around health centers.

 After transporting passengers, quarantine and ventilation protocols are carried out at designated locations. The fare is the same as a standard taxi, no additional charge for waiting for the COVID-19 diagnostic test, so users can return to their homes using the same taxi. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., taking into account the operating hours of screening clinics. To make a reservation, call 1688-1982 or use the application `Tomato Taxi.' Mobile reservations are available 24/7.