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Students must enroll in insurance


Laws on health insurance and how they apply to the nation's population of foreigners are continuously evolving. The latest change affects students and their national health insurance requirements for enrollment into the system. 

 As of March 2021, foreign students staying in South Korea for over 180 days are required to register for health insurance. 

 To help students better cope with any excess financial burden, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has decreed that students need only pay half of the normal insurance rate. This, however, will be rolled out slowly. For the year 2021, students will pay 30 percent. From March 2022 to February 2023, the rate will increase to 40 percent. Following that, the rate will be 50 percent the usual charge. 

 The time to enroll for insurance varies depending on students' visas. Students with D-2 and D-4-3 visas, as well as students in primary and secondary school and those seeking a diploma, are required to enroll in the national  health insurance plan immediately. 

 Foreign students in the country who are taking any additional courses, including language ones, are required to enroll when staying for a sojourn exceeding a period of six months. 

 To renew visas, foreigners living in the nation must regularly and promptly visit the Busan immigration office before their visas expire. Those who default on their payments for health insurance may be negatively affected when attempting to increase their period of sojourn during their visit.