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Viva ViBA! YouTubers promote tourism


△ Coco (above), Bella and Nolu (below) take you on a Busan tour. 

City Hall and the Busan Tourism Organization have put together ViBA, or "Visit Busan Ambassadors,"to promote Busan as an international city worldwide. ViBA began its activities in earnest on Sept. 21 with the introduction of their first YouTube video.

After being selected as an international city of tourism in January, Busan assembled the group to appeal to overseas travelers and to keep up with current travel trends. The ambassadors were announced in July and put into 17 teams which will produce 68 videos by the end of the year. 

ViBA plans to involve foreign residents living in the city to help with various aspects of daily life in Busan. The teams will also make use of their members' individual personalities to capture what Busan life is like in food, beauty, daily commute and other areas. 

Videos already uploaded to YouTube are becoming increasingly popular and cover private buffets in Haeundae, Bupyeong Night Market, underrated cafes with beautiful seaside views and more. Through these videos, the city aims to promote Busan as a destination for international travelers and to foster the talents of local English-speakers. Search "Visit Busan" on YouTube for the videos produced by ViBA.