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City floods Busan Citizens Park in sea of green

Busan is adding to the city's greenery and is taking initiative in combating the fine dust problem in the process. Through donations and social contributions, over six billion won went toward planting 38,000 trees over 32 species and thousands of flowers in locations around the city, over 28,294 of which are in Busan Citizens Park. With the cooperation of Nonghyup, an agricultural cooperative federation, the city completed construction of six forested areas in Busan Citizens Park in late April. 



△ Busan Citizens Park is getting greener with more trees, new bamboo and a farming experience for the pleasure of park visitors. 

Busan Citizens Park is one of the most popular parks in the country and is renowned as a destination of leisure for people of all ages.

Two rows of metasequoia trees were planted by the existing zelkovas around Busan Citizens Park's north gate, which will help the city better fight fine dust. There are also new pine trees that have been planted, adding to the density of the park's existing collection. A bamboo forest containing maengjongjuk plants, known for their large growth and aesthetic value, line walking paths as visitors enter the park. 

Other green additions to the city include chionanthus retusa trees, also known as Chinese fringetrees. A collection of 2,875 mugunghwas, the national flower of Korea, provides residents with even more beauty. Nonghyup has also included chances for citizens to learn about farming through opportunities to take part in paddies, fields and pomiculture through apple, jujube and persimmon trees. 

City Hall hopes that Busan Citizens Park will be reborn as a place of rest and relaxation for those tired from the daily grind of social distancing. The expectation is that the creation, expansion and renovation of these spaces will inspire the participation of companies and citizens to turn Busan into a city of greenery and house plants.

How to get there: Seomyeon Station (metro lines 1 and 2), exit 13. Go straight for 10 minutes.