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Busan gets 2020 makeover

Nighttime at the Suyeonggang River has become more colorful in 2020, due to illuminations installed along the river on the Galme-gil (trail). Soft, rose-colored lights and LED screens depicting sights and scenes around Suyeong-gu (district) begin at the entrance of the river and continue for two kilometers. The lights in particular illuminate the lower walking path of Jwasuyeonggyo Bridge and add to the atmosphere and safety of the observatory deck, handrails and photo zones. 

Lights illuminate the Suyeonggang River.

Meanwhile, Busan Wondong Station, a new station on the Donghae line, opened on March 28. The city's newest station is located between Allak and Jaesong Station. The expansion of public transportation in the area is expected to resolve lingering traffic problems there.