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IKEA display opens in Seomyeon

△ Hej Busan is a colorful idea of what IKEA offers. 

IKEA's pop-up display Hej Busan (pronounced "Hey Busan") is now open in Seomyeon and will run until Jan. 23.

Famous for its Scandinavian design and DIY products, IKEA has opened  594 square meters across three floors to showcase their products. It contains 6,000 products of 650 different sorts, ranging from tempered glass balls for 1,500 won to furniture worth 6 million won. 

The first of the store's floors is decorated with some of the most beloved IKEA products. On one side of the wall, yellow lights and green containers are decorated to provide shoppers and browsers with a photo zone. At the center, a note is located to explain the main philosophy of IKEA: quality, low prices, sustainability, functionality and design. 

△ There are three different types of rooms that exhibit the particular moods and styles. 

On the next floor, you will find three different types of rooms, each one being a kind of showroom that exhibits the particular moods and styles possible with IKEA products. Finally, the third floor offers a space for free coffee and an introduction to Fika, the beloved Swedish coffee break, to new IKEA members. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy products here. To purchase products, prospective customers will have to go online or wait until the opening of the Eastern Busan branch on Feb. 13. The Eastern Busan IKEA will consist of 41 room sets and about 9,000 products. 

Address: 64, Seojeon-ro 10beon-gil, Busanjin-gu

How to get there: Seomyeon Station (metro lines 1 and 2), exit 2. Hej Busan is on the second to fourth floor of the Burger King Judies Taehwa branch. 

Hours: Noon to 10 p.m.