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[For Your Information] Citizen safety insurance coverage


 Last April, a child was injured in a traffic accident while crossing a crosswalk in a school zone and their family received 4 million won in medical expense coverage. In Oct-ober, a man fell while loading his luggage on a subway car and was granted approximately 2 million won in insurance compensation.
 Busan's citizen safety insurance covered those two cases, a system in which the cases were settled through the Citizen Safety Insurance program. The city directly contracts with an insurance company and covers citizens and families of those who have died, suffered or been injured due to accidents or natural disasters.
 First introduced at the end of 2022, the program has covered 23 cases amounting to approximately 150 million won. The 2023 Busan Citizen Safety Insurance period is from February 2023 to January 2024 and the coverage renews annually.
 All individuals who reside in Busan, including foreign nationals with legal residency status, are automatically registered to receive the coverage listed below. Also, those with other insurance plans are available for dual coverage.
 Coverage may be claimed up to three years from the incident date or form when the aftereffects are officially recognized. Please note that Busan Citizen Safety Insurance coverage varies, by category, for incidents occurring abroad. Busan districts and county operate separate and additional coverage benefits and regulations. For detailed information, please consult the corresponding areas' official websites, as coverage may vary.
 Call the integrated consulting center (82-1522-3556) for additional questions, concerns or information.


*According to Article 732 of the Commercial Insurance Act, individuals who are under 15 years old will not be covered in the event of death.
**Injury grade refers to the degree of injury caused by a traffic accident.