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[INTERVIEW] ITPC's new chief Reandhy Dharmawan

 Today, South Korea and Indonesia are actively engaged in various trade areas, ranging from natural gas and coal to submarines and aircraft.

 Since South Korea and Indonesia signed a Special Strategic Partnership in 2017 and agreed to a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) in 2020, this trade relationship is expected to grow and deepen. 

 The "Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC)" in Busan is at the center of Korea-Indonesia trade relations. Founded in 2009, ITPC Busan is the only Indonesian trade promotion center in South Korea. Dynamic Busan asks the new Kepala (chief) about the current state of and future of the Korea-Indonesia trade relationship.


▲ Kepala Reandhy Putera Dharmawan.

Q. Congratulations on your new position as Kepala! Please tell us about yourself.

A. My Name is Reandhy Putera Dharmawan, I'm Indonesian. I was born and raised in Semarang, Indonesia. Recently, I was appointed the Director of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center in Busan. In 2009, I started as a Government Official at the Ministry of Trade of Republic Indonesia. My most recent academic degree is a master's of international political economy in 2012 at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Right now, I live in Busan with my small lovely family, my wife and my boy. We are all very happy to live in this beautiful city.

Q. Please introduce the ITPC to our readers.

A. ITPC Busan is the representative organization of the Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia and part of the Indonesia Embassy in Seoul. ITPC Busan was formed to help bridge the trade relations between Indonesia and South Korea. We provide many forms of assistance which strengthen the trade relationship. Information on business opportunities in South Korea is given to Indonesian exporters and information about potential Indonesian export products is provided to importers in South Korea.

 Additionally, we provide promotional media support on Indonesian export products. Including facilitating Indonesian businesses' connection in trade exhibitions held in South Korea, providing permanent display rooms for Indonesian export products, providing a site that can be used by Indonesia and South Korea entrepreneurs as a source of information and facilitating trade mission activities, buying missions, business matching, and more.

Q. What do you think will happen to Busan with the recent development of the Korea-Indonesia relationship? 

A. Bilateral relations between Indonesia and Korea are increasing from year to year. Indonesia aims to strengthen this relationship with South Korea. In particular, the fields of investment, trade, tourism and handling the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, Busan, known for its beaches and delicious food, can develop the Korea-Indonesia relationship in bu-siness, tourism and economic mat-ters. Overall, Busan has made ad-vancements in technology, transportation, and healthcare.

Q. What do you think about Busan?

A. I love every minute of my time spent in Korea. When it comes to work and leisure, I found that this country has lovely, nice and warm people. I also love every kind of cuisine here; I particularly enjoy and crave street food here. On weekends or after working hours, I often explore new restaurants. This way, I get to eat and learn the city streets. In my free time, I enjoy going out with family and friends to try new cuisines. Also, we enjoy watching Korean movies, listening to music, reading, working out, and going on road trips. When it comes to food and restaurants, the country is home to many diverse types of cuisine. The authentic international food scene here can and will only get better with time. Almost every weekend I go sightseeing with my family, there are so many beautiful attractions in Busan.

Q. What are your hopes for the future of ITPC and yourself?

A. Our hope is that ITPC Busan will contribute to escalating Indonesia-Korea economic and trade relations by expediating and strengthening the previously mentioned duties. Also, I hope my family and I will continue to experience great success and good health in Busan.