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New program illuminates center every Wednesday


The Gugak stage is the home of the new "Wednesday Empathy" program, which will feature traditional Korean music. May 12 and May 26 will shine a light on a cornucopia of skilled artists. 

 May 12 features the Korean Traditional Music Orchestra of the Blind, as they perform seven traditional songs. The group, formed in 2011, planned this concert with popular traditional songs such as Arirang and Simcheongga, and creative music like "Yu String's Dance", a song that mainly uses the second string of a gayageum (traditional 12 string instrument). An additional specialty piece will express empathy and harmony through diverse partnerships. 

 May 26 will feature the Setdam, Haegeum ensemble performing five different pieces. A haegeum (traditional Korean two-string instrument) can easily change tunes and produce rich tones. Established in 2018, the group consists of three veteran soloists, Kim Hyunhee, Lee Seunghee and Kim Hyebin. For this performance, they challenge themselves with a single experimental sanjo (a style of traditional Korean music), a haegeum will be played using four different techniques in a single composition.

 The special performances will continue every Wednesday through the end of June, consisting of a traditional Korean dance, a danso (short wooden flute) solo, a gayageum solo and many more. There are two plans for the remainder of the year. This first schedule will end June 30, and the second will begin Sept. 1 and end Nov. 24.

  • Venue: Busan National Gugak Center 
  • Performance time: 7:30 p.m. 
  • Tickets: 10,000 won for A seats,8,000 won for B seats
  • Website:
  • How to get there: Bujeon Station (metro line 1), exit 2. Take bus 33 and get off at Busan National Gugak Center Bus Stop