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[INTERVIEW] Lee Gyejeol and Baek Malsuk take Grand Prize in 1st BUFLIX Contest


▲ "My Friend Malsuk" makers strike a pose.

"Online Travel with Malsuk in Busan" by Lee Gyejeol and Baek Malsuk was awarded the Grand Prize in the first Busan metropolitan City Youtube Video Contest on December 28, 2020. The theme was "New Ways to Meet Busan in the Post-corona Era". The winning video highlights hidden gems of Busan with fun editing and gorgeous footage and is up on Bada TV and the Youtube channel "My friend Malsuk" (내 친구 말숙이). Dynamic Busan interviewed the winners to find out more.

Q.Greetings! Tell us a little about yourselves! 

A.Lee Gyejeol: Hello, I'm Lee Gyejeol, the video producer and photographer. I have been running the company Seroseorab, which produces photos and videos, since last November. At the same time, I produce the Youtube channel "My Friend Malsuk". Nice to meet you. 

A.Baek Malsuk: Hello, I'm Baek Malsuk, the face of the channel "My Friend Malsuk". I am German-American and have been living in Korea on and off since Middle School. I came to Busan from Seoul in 2019 and really love living here. I hope to promote and help Busan become a great city for Tourism in the future!

Congratulations for winning the grand prize of the 1st BUFLIX! How does it feel?

 A. Lee Gyejeol: Above all, thank you for the congratulations. We did things in an uncontacted way, except shooting, so it seems like a dream and I feel puzzled. It's an honor to be recognized for our video and complimented for it. Thank you to Malsuk, too. 

 A. Baek Malsuk: Thank you so much! I was really surprised that we won. I did not expect it at all! I'm really proud because we worked so hard on it! This made us really motivated to also do more projects. 

What's your history with Busan?

 A. Lee Gyejeol: After coming back to Korea, I worked together with Malsuk in Busan, which was so fun. At that time, I thought it would be fun to create something with her. That led to a Youtube channel. Busan is the second best city for me. Whenever I want to leave, I always choose Busan. It's the farthest city for me. I like Busan so much because there is nature, mountains and sea. Even though we were farther from each other after Malsuk moved from Seoul to Busan, it was good in a way. Since my friend lives in Busan, I feel more comfortable. Whenever I need to do something with Malsuk, I visit Busan, which cheers me up and makes me excited to come up with a lot of ideas.

 A. Baek Malsuk: As I used to live in Seoul, I had always fantasized about living in another city, especially Busan. I love the beach and once in my life I wanted to live close to one. I originally just wanted to come live here during the summer in 2019, but I loved my time here so much that I decided to move here and experience living here. Busan has everything- the mountains, the ocean, rivers, lakes- and it's in perfect harmony with the bustling city life. I also love hearing "Saturi" and Busan people are so friendly and easy to talk to! 

How did you come up with "Online Travel with Malsuk in Busan"?

 A. Lee Gyejeol: Actually, the things we usually do, such as video calling and messaging, are uncontacted activity. But I think we can feel comfortable because we know the person on screen and it's easy to understand each other. So we set friends as the theme of this video so that people can enjoy the video as if they are making video calls and exchanging messages with a friend.

 A. Baek Malsuk: It was quite difficult to come up with ideas on promoting the city of Busan while also being untact. Gyejeol has a lot of experience with filming and editing, so she had her vision, and I have experience in promoting tourism and being in front of the camera. So, we took our visions and skills and came up with this video. Busan is a huge place and there are lots of activities you can do while being socially distanced and without a mask. So, I picked several spots which are beautiful to visit with the least amount of people. I felt that we were going to make a really great video.

Tell us your next plan, resolution or vision.

 A. Lee Gyejeol: We're planning  how we should move forward and build an identity for our channel. We try to do our best to develop this channel seriously and are making a yearly "My Friend Malsuk" plan. Even though I am satisfied with the current videos on our channel, I want to produce cooler and more unique videos.

 A. Baek Malsuk: Our goal is to grow our channel and figure out what works best for us, but especially focus on having fun. We are hoping to make a lot of videos focusing on Busan, as well as other interests. I hope you will look forward to our videos and send a lot of support!

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