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Enjoy Busan

Ride through scenic landscapes on Busan City Tour Bus

▲ Riding a Busan City Tour Bus is a perfect way to spend a spring day in Busan, like this mother and her son (picture taken in 2019).

Busan, famous for tourism, has lots of tourist attractions, including gorgeous natural scenery full of beaches and mountains, artistic and historic villages and beautiful skyscrapers [and many more]. The most comfortable way to enjoy Busan's various tourist attractions is the Busan City Tour Bus operated by the Busan Tourism Organization. With just one ticket, you can explore almost all of the tourist spots in Busan.

 Even though city tours were suspended due to COVID-19, they have resumed two tour lines courses in March, the green line circulating the Busan Port and Yeongdo Island and the red line circulating the Haeundae area. Dynamic Busan plans to introduce these two resumed lines. Starting with the Green Line Course this month, and the Red Line Course next month. Jump on, let's explore.


▲ Busan City Tour Bus Green Line Course (

You can enjoy the incredible natural scenery through the Busan City Tour Bus Green Line Course. 

Departing from Busan Station, the tour circulates Yeongdo and Igidae cliffs. 

The Green Line is the best choice to enjoy the view of the South and East Sea. 

■ Must-see Spots on the Green Line Course 

◆ Huinnyeoul Culture Village 

▲ Huinnyeoul Culture Village is nestled on Bongnaesan Mountain.

 It takes about 20 minutes to get to Huinnyeoul Culture Village from Busan Station by the City Tour Bus. When you get off at the stop, a colorfully decorated village catches your eyes. While the village was an old mountainside neighborhood before, it has become known as a new tourist spot, with murals drawn on the exterior walls of old houses and cafes built in all around, thanks to the urban renewal project in December 2011. 

 The Huinnyeoul Trail that runs along the village wall is an excellent way to take a walk in the cool sea breeze. Looking down over the fence, you can find Jeoryeong Coastal Trail, a deep blue promenade that resembles the sea leads endlessly along the beach. Because the trail is connected to Huinnyeoul Culture Village, you can enjoy both the charm of the village and the serenity of the beach.

◆ Taejongdae  

▲ The observation point is a perfect place for taking pictures.

▲ The Danubi Train tours visitors around Taejongdae.

 Passengers can get to Taejongdae Park, the popular tourist destination, in 20 minutes from the Huinnyeoul stop. It is named after King Taejon Muyeol, the ruler of the Silla kingdom during the seventh century, who frequently visited the locale to hold banquets. The beautiful scenery is now protected as Korea's nationally designated Scenic Site No.17.

 While it's easy to walk around Taejongdae via the trails, you could also take the Danubi Train. "Danubi," means to go on an outing through an area, this ride lives up to it's name as the train is a perfect way to see Taejongdae. The ticket office is right in front of the Taejongdae stop, where the city tour bus stops. The train operates from 9:20 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and runs about every 20 minutes. In the event of bad weather, train service will be suspended. The fare is 3,000 won for adults, 2,000 won for teenagers, 1,500 won for children, and free for children under four years old. 

◆ Oryukdo Skywalk4~5 

▲ Oryukdo Island can be seen from the Oryukdo Skywalk.

The next hot stop from Taejongdae is the Oryukdo Skywalk. On the way, you can see ships as they pass the Busan Harbor Bridge, and after riding the bus for about 30 minutes from Taejongdae, you will arrive at Oryukdo Skywalk . 

 Oryukdo Island, is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Busan, which led to it's registration of Korea's nationally designated Scenic Site No.24. and the selection as a candidate site for UNESCO Global Geopark in February of this year.

 Don't miss the Oryukdo Skywalk! It's a trail built on a cliff 35m above sea level, where you gaze over Oryukdo Island, giving you the feeling and thrill of literally walking in the sky.

◆ Songdo Beach4~5 

▲ Ride the Busan Air Cruise and gaze upon the Songdo Cloud Trail.

When taking the Busan City Tour Bus leaving Oryukdo, you can get to Songdo Beach in about 30 minutes via the Boat Terminal and UN Peace Park. First opened in 1913, Songdo Beach is the first public beach in Korea.

 Songdo Beach has the largest skywalk in Busan, the Songdo Cloud Trail. Since the curved 800m long skywalk is surrounded by the water, you may feel like you are in the middle of the sea. Songdo Cloud Trail and the mountains can easily be seen from the Songdo Marine Cable Cars, now called the Busan Air Cruise. Restored and reopened in 2017 the new glass bottomed cars can give you an amazingly unique view of the area. 

※ Tips for Busan City Tour Bus

☞ The city tour bus departs from the bus stop in front of the Ramada Encore Hotel near Busan Station. Tickets can be purchased from the city tour bus driver.

☞ The ticket is a paper wristband. The fare is 15,000 won for adults aged 20, and up, 8,000 won for people over the age of 2and children under the age of 2 are free. Don't forget to bring proof of age.

☞ A day pass can be used for the Green Line and Red Line (24 hours from the start of boarding). It's possible to transfer at Busan Station, Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal and UN Peace Park to the Red Line.

☞ If you have a Busan city tour bus ticket, you can get a discount at some tourist facilities in Busan. At Arpina, Busan SEA LIFE Aquarium, The Bay 101 Yacht Club Marine Leisure Sports Program and Hotel Nongshim. For more detailed discount information, you can visit the Busan City Tour Bus website (

※ The Busan City Tour Bus and various tourist attractions may be closed or suspended depending on the COVID-19 situation, be sure to check by phone or online in advance.