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Enjoy Busan

Bid 2022 adieu with a sunset along the City Tour Bus Orange Line


The Busan City Tour Bus provides a convenient tour of popular Busan attractions. While the routes previously ran near coastal areas such as Haeundae, Gwangalli, Igidae and Taejongdae, the newly established course journeys around other more western-focused Busan locales. The "Orange Line" runs along the Nakdong River and Dadaepo Beach through modern and contemporary historical areas, operating eight times daily, at one-hour intervals, beginning at 9:20 a.m. from Wednesday to Sunday. 


Seo-gu, somewhere across the sea

 Busan City Tour Bus' Orange Line departs from Busan Station and goes to Songdo Beach and Amnam Park in Seo-gu (district). The cable car line, Busan Air Cruise, connects Songdo Beach to Amnam Park and has established itself as a representative attraction in the area. Since the cruise provides a view of Songdo Beach, Yeongdo Island and the Oryukdo Islets, it has become a can't-miss spot for tourists.
 The next stop, Amnam Park, south of Songdo Beach, can also be reached by cable car. The area's highlight is the Songdo Cloud Trails, which connects Amnam Park and Dongseom Island, a small island across the sea. Walk along the skywalk trail to enjoy an ocean view and a one-of-a-kind perspective of the unique cliffs between the island and the mainland. 


Colorful cultural locale

 The next stop is Gamcheon Culture Village, a popular Busan tourist attraction. It's a long walk from the bus stop, but the nearby Saha-gu village bus 1 or 1-1 takes only about eight minutes. The village features colorful buildings, artwork, sculptures and wall paintings of Jungkook and Jimin, BTS members from Busan. 
 Usually, Gamcheon Culture Village opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. During the Gamcheon House Lantern Exhibition, which runs till Dec. 25, the approximate 8,000 lanterns turn on at 5 p.m. and stay lit till 9 p.m. Some businesses have changed their hours for the exhibit, but the Sky Observatory, which overlooks the village, has not and still closes at 6 p.m.

Seaside sunsets and photozones수정됨_E291_4_7

 Following the village, the bus stops at Dadaepo Beach and Amisan Observatory, famous for their sunset views. Visitors can find Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams and its fountain light and music show. Next is the Amisan Observatory, located northwest of Dadaepo Beach, which provides a 270-degree panoramic view from Dadaepo to the Nakdonggang Estuary. 
 Then, the bus stops at Jangnim-port, nicknamed "Bunezia." The area between the industrial complexes, with its surrounding pastel-colored buildings, has quickly become an ideal spot for taking pictures. The unique and polychromatic scenery is reflected on the surface of adjacent calm waters. 

Eulsukdo Island for migratory birds and wetlands 


 Then the bus heads to Eulsukdo Island, an island toward the mouth of the Nakdonggang River. On the island, the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan holds regular exhibitions. Local vines even grow along the outer walls, providing a juxtaposition between contemporary art and nature. 
 Nakdong River Estuary Eco-Center is the next location. It was created by accumulated sand at the mouth of the river. The area is where fresh and sea water meet, creating mud flats of soft sand and soil. Migratory birds frequent the site every winter and the center has telescopes to observe them.

Nampo-dong's modern and contemporary history

 The subsequent area is Nampo-dong (neighborhood). The bus stops by the Seokdang Museum of Dong-A University, the Provisional Capital Memorial Hall, Gukje Market, Yongdusan Park and Busan Modern History Museum. 
 The Seokdang Museum presents well-organized artifacts from the Prehistoric period to contemporary times. Near the museum sits the Provisional Capital Memorial Hall, the temporary presidential residence during the Korean War. The interior has been reproduced to appear as it was during that time and feature exhibits showing political activities that took place during that period.

Busan City Tour Bus tips 
- The City Tour Bus departs from the bus stop in front of the Ramada Encore Hotel near Busan Station. Tickets can be purchased via debit or credit card from the bus driver or online ( 
- The Orange Line ticket comes in the form of a wristband. The fare is 8,000 won for people under 19 years old and 15,000 won for those over. Children under four years old are free. 
- With a ticket, passengers can get discounts at some local tourism facilities, for example, a 10,000 won discount at SEA LIFE Busan and a 10% discount on Haeundae Blue Line Park tickets. 
- Busan City Tour Bus and tourism facilities may be suspended due to COVID-19, weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Updates on these situations and further tour information are available online or over the phone.