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Daily Busan

Busan city presents the Spring flower map


Busan Metropolitan City has released a map of spring festivals and recommended spots for soaking up spring, entitled “Relishing Spring in Busan.” 

The map includes top popular spring festivals which showcase landmarks, nearby tourist attractions and seasonal flowers, including cherry blossoms and canola flowers.   

• March 25 Yunsan Mountain Cherry Blossom Festival (금정구 윤산 벚꽃축제) along Yunsan Mountain hillside road, Geumjeong-gu (district)

• March 31 to April 2 Gangseo Nakdonggang riverside Cherry Blossom Festival (강서 낙동강 30리 벚꽃축제) at Daejeo Ecological Park, Gangseo-gu

• April 1 Samnak Cherry Blossom Festival (삼락 벚꽃축제) at Samnak Ecological Park, Gangseo-gu

• April 8 to 16 Busan Nakdong River Yuchae (Canola) Flower Festival (부산낙동강 유채꽃 축제) at the Daejeo Eco Park, Gangseo-gu


The map also introduces 23 places for sightseeing in the spring including

• Macdo Eco Park’s cherry blossom tunnel in Gangseo-gu

• Hwangnyeongsan Mountain Cherry Blossom Street in Nam-gu

• Busan Democracy Park in Jung-gu

• Peace Park in Nam-gu

• Oryukdo Sunrise Park in Nam-gu 

The map can be downloaded from the Visit Busan website (, note that the map is only in Korean and a translator must be used to view the map in other languages. To stay informed with the most up-to-date information on spring festivities, visit Busan's official website (