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Daily Busan

"Haeundae Blue Line Park," a must-visit course

Trams in Hong Kong run along railways around the city, helping residents commute and tourists sightsee. Similarly, Haeundae has a line for traveling around and above the city's dynamic landscapes.


Catch a ride on the European-style Haeundae Beach Train at dusk to soak in a panoramic view of the sun setting over Busan's east coast waters. 

The "Haeundae Beach Train" course, a repurposed 4.8-kilometer-long abandoned railway created to share the area's unique topography, consists of six stops which are Mipo Station, Dalmaji Tunnel, Cheongsapo Station, Daritdol Observatory, Gudeokpo and Songjeong Station. Next to the tracks is a walkable wooden deck trail and situated above both lies the "Sky Capsule" railway with just two stops, Mipo Station and Cheongsapo Station. No matter your preference, experience the wonders of Busan's coast.


​Since October 2020, the Haeundae Blue Line Park's Haeundae Beach Train and Sky Capsule offer guests dynamic views and a one-of-a-kind experience.

The "Haeundae Beach Train" runs 15 kilometers per hour from the Mipo area, at the eastern edge of Haeundae Beach, to Songjeong. Watch skyscrapers, the Gwangan Bridge and the beach pass along the 30-minute ride from Mipo Station to the last station. The four angular designed trains (red, green, yellow and blue) each operate with bench seats facing the beach. English and Korean commentary is played during the trip.


Bench seats face the beach.

The "Sky Capsule" offers a view of the sea from above. Gazing out of one of the capsules, which looks like a cable car, offers a similar view to its larger related mode of transport. Providing a more intimate experience, the two to four-person vehicle departs from the second floor at Mipo Station. Each capsule shuttles passengers, at four kilometers per hour, along a rail about 10 meters above the beach train's railway for approximately two kilometers from Mipo to Cheongsapo Station. A one-way trip takes about 30 minutes and packages are available for those wanting to experience both the Sky capsule and beach train.

Blue Line Park Mipo Station

Address: 948-1, Jung-dong, Haeundae-gu

How to get there: Jangsan Station (metro line 2), exit 7. Walk along the road, and go straight for about 600 meters until Mipoogeori. Then cross the street toward Wonjo Halmae Bokguk, go straight for about 140 meters and cross the street again.

Blue Line Park Cheongsapo Station

Address: 116, Cheongsapo-ro, Haeundae-gu

How to get there: From Jangsan Station (metro line 2), exit 5 and take Haeundae-gu village bus 2. Get off at the Cheongsapo bus stop, the last stop, and walk for about four minutes down the main street away from the water.


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