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[Wide Angle on Busan] Cafe TCC in Songdo

8-1-24 하늘연장(노을느낌나게부탁드립니다)-수정
▷ Head to Cafe TCC's rooftop, where you'll be able to see Songdo's cable car, blue water and vivid sunset.

The end of the year is a chance to look back on the time that has passed and an opportunity to look forward at the days to come. This rings ever more true on the cusp of a brand new decade. Time passes quickly, and while the end of the year is often filled with parties and friends, it's still important to take some time for yourself. Often, Busanites head to Dadaepo Beach to say goodbye to the year, but in the interest of taking the road less traveled, Dynamic Busan recommends Cafe TCC on Songdo Beach for a cozy place to reflect. 


The seats on the second floor reach up to the third.

Upon approaching the cafe, you'll notice that it's three stories high and topped with a roof that is accessible to customers. The counter, which offers drinks and bread products, is on the first floor. Coffees run 4,000 to 5,000 won. Teas and ades are between 5,000 and 7,000 won. On the second floor, the cafe's wall is decorated with glasses, but it's the sprawling view of Songdo Beach here that is truly impressive. There are many wonderful seats on the second floor, but the seats arranged in tiers between the second and third floors are even better. This is a particularly popular part of the cafe and a favorite spot for patrons to look at the view. 


That being said, if the weather isn't too cold, the very best place to look at the sea is from the roof. Here, the East Sea lies in full view. There is one more reason to enjoy the roof, however돟 movies. After dark, TCC screens movies on its roof, and while it can get chilly, it's often just a matter of bringing enough layers, which many visitors enjoy doing. 


The best time to visit TCC in winter is 4 p.m., right before the height of the evening. In the winter, you'll be able to see Songdo's vivid blue waters between 4 and 5 p.m. and then take in the wonderful city lights that turn on between 5 and 6 p.m. With sunset beginning around 5 p.m., 5돟30 in the afternoon may be the height of the experience, because that's when Songdo's skywalk lights up. After 6 p.m., the lights of the area's cable cars are illuminated, completing the evening. 


Even the first floor offers a great view to go with your drink.

Regardless of when you go or what part of the cafe you're in, it's easy to get lost in your thoughts of the past, present and future while looking out at the sea. After thinking on the year that has passed and the year to come, why not enjoy a walk on the Songdo skywalk, a ride in a cable car, or a stroll along Songdo's trails to start 2020 the right way?

Address: 143, Songdohaebyeon-ro, Seo-gu, Busan 

Hours: 9 a.m. to midnight 

How to get there: Jagalchi Station (metro line 1), exit 2. Take buses 29, 30 or 96 at Chungmu-dong Intersection. Get off at Amnamdong Community Service Center.