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Avail yourself of a variety of festival views

Wide Busan: Fireworks Festival


The Busan Fireworks Festival is one of the city's most popular autumn events. This year's festival is scheduled for Oct. 28. 


 Tens of thousands of fireworks will light the night sky at the 13th Fireworks Festival Oct. 28 on and around Gwangalli Beach. But, that ultra-popular spot won't be the only option for enjoying the big booms. 

 Barges filled with fireworks will be installed this year in front of Dongbaekseom Island and Igidae, centering on Gwangalli, to allow fans to get better views of the fireworks from multiple locations. 

 Programs this year include a special fireworks performance by the Italian team that handled fireworks at the Milan Expo closing ceremony. Foreign languages will be written on all paid seats on the beach and leaflets with multiple languages will be available this year to make navigating the busy event easier and more enjoyable for foreign visitors.


-How to get there: Gwangan Station (Metro line 2), exit 3 or 5. Walk toward the beach.


Suggested venues for great views

■ Samik Beach Apartment walkway

 Find the Samik Beach Apartment walkway on right side of Gwangalli Beach. This iconic vantage point for the festival gets crowded very early, however, so plan accordingly.

-How to get there: Geumnyeonsan Station (Metro line 2), exit 3. Walk toward the beach for 10 to 15 minutes. Samik Beach Apartments are to the right of the beach.


■ Millak Waterfront Park

 On the left side of Gwangalli Beach, Millak Waterfront Park is a favorite fireworks location among locals. You'll get a much closer view of the Gwangan Bridge in addition to the bright lights bursting in the sky.

-How to get there: Suyeong Station (Metro line 2), exit 5. Take bus 210 and get off at the Millak Waterfront Park bus stop.


■ Hwangnyeongsan Beacon Mounds

 A great view of the city, including Gwang-alli, is in the mountains. Buses don't go up here, though, so plan to take a taxi.

-How to get there: Geumnyeonsan Station (Metro line 2) and take a taxi.


■ Marine City

 Marine City's coastal road provides great views for fireworks. Simply have a seat along the road or, for more comfort, find a nearby coffee shop or restaurant's open terrace.

-How to get there: Dongbaek Station (Metro line 2), exit 1 or 3. Walk toward the beach or yachting center for 15 minutes.


■ Jangsan Mountain

 Looking for a dramatic photograph that encompasses all the fireworks, Gwangan Bridge and cityscape? Jangsan Mountain in Haeundae is where you'll want to experience the festival. Although this venue can only be accessed by your own two feet, significantly fewer fireworks fans will be waiting for you.

-How to get there: Jangsan Station (Metro line 2), exit 10. Walk toward the mountain for 20 minutes to find the mountain trail entrance. Or, Suyeong Station (Metro lines 2 or 3), exit 8. Take mini bus 3 at a bus stop at the alley next to Centum Hospital and get off at the Semyeong Green Apartment bus stop. Walk to the mountain trail from there.