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Questions, answers about COVID -19

Unconfirmed and incorrect information has the potential to sow anxiety and fear among the public. Dynamic Busan has compiled some answers to separate fact from fiction.

Source: Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC)


Q. Is COVID-19 a serious disease?

COVID-19 is not a relatively serious condition, because patients can be completely cured if treated at a hospital. This virus has a lower fatality rate than MERS and SARS, which have spread in Korea in the past. The high mortality rate in Hubei Province, China, is presumed to be caused by the collapse of the medical system due to a large number of patients in a short period.

Q. Can COVID-19 infect people  through air alone?

No. The main infection route of COVID-19 is now assumed to be droplets. Droplet infection refers to five micrometers of droplets sprayed into the air, entering the mouth, nose and eyes of others and causing infections. You can prevent such infection by wearing a mask and staying at least two meters away from infected patients.

Q. Is it safe to go to the places previously visited by confirmed patients?

Yes. All such sites have been thoroughly disinfected. Scientists believe that the virus only lasts up to 48 hours at the very longest, but the infectivity of the virus is drastically reduced when it is exposed to the air, and disinfection can kill it all at once.

Q. What is self quarantine?

Self quarantine refers to people thought to be infected with COVID-19 living alone in an independent space.

Q. Where do people go for ex-amination, and who can be tested?

Before doing anything or going anywhere, call the KCDC at 1339 (Korean service) or the immigration office at 1345 (foreign language service). You don't need to be tested if you don't have any symptoms or if you just feel anxious about being sick. Remember, it's important to trust your doctor's professional judgment.