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B-Con Ground contains, connects city culture

B-Con Ground, a container that houses a cultural facility under the Suyeong Overpass in Mangmi-dong (neighborhood), Suyeong-gu (district), partially opened on Aug. 7. With commercial facilities and spaces for culture and start-up businesses, it is one of the city's most unique locations.

Combining the words "Busan" and "container," the space seeks to reflect the culture and history of the local area. The overpass that stretches above it transports cargo from Busanhang Port to the Seoul metropolitan area and has been a major part of Busan's industrial de-velopment. From the perspective of residents under the overpass however, it has become a burden. To solve this problem, and to revitalize the local economy, City Hall constructed B-Con Ground as a vibrant culture space. 

△B-Con Ground's shipping containers are colorful both outside and out and hold the future for many young local businesses.  

B-Con Ground is comprised of a diverse array of facilities. The community area provides conference rooms and lounges for residents. Families can enjoy spending time together on the family deck and at the es-tablishment's playground. Events are held at Beacon Square, and there are places to enjoy shopping. 

There is additionally a creation space at B-Con Ground for venture companies to begin the first part of their journeys. The businesses that are hoping to get their start at B-Con Ground are numerous and varied. The Mama Papa, dealing in pillows, Allda, which does business in dishes and kitchen interiors, the Tory Craft Lab, involved in pottery, and the Werk Roasters in coffee are all working to make it big at the facility.

B-Con Ground is also operating a virtual reality education program in disaster and safety for children between the family and community areas. Visit for more information.

In total, B-Con Ground is home to five shared spaces, eight cultural premises, 11 youth start-up sites and 27 commercial facilities. B-Con Ground plans to fully open in October to become a new city landmark and to provide the area with a dynamic street for youth. City Hall further plans to promote the entire area by linking B-Con Ground together with the F1963 exhibition center, the food of Mangmi Alley and Suyeong Paldo Market, Suyeong Historical Park and five cultural spaces near the Suyeong-gang River.