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Summer prevention guidelines make summer safe

◆ Levels of social distancing 

The government is implementing a three-level social distancing plan that will vary depending on the severity of COVID-19 and the intensity of quarantine measures. The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Head-quarters announced a set of standards and action plans for each level of distancing. 

The country is currently at Level 1, as virus cases have largely been ma-nageable. In the event of the health system being incapable of coping with the spread, or if daily infections exceed 50 for 14 consecutive days but remain below 100, the government will apply Level 2. Level 3 measures will be implemented if infections in the community occur on a large scale and daily infections exceed 100.

Mayors of South Korea can adjust local alert levels as needed in regards to their cities' confirmed cases and the severity of COVID's spread. Busan will apply Level 2 if local infections reach 25 or more per week.

Level 3 will only be applied after discussion with government agencies regarding social costs and nationwide quarantine measures. Levels may be lowered after spreading has been stabilized and the daily number of confirmed cases decreases below the regional level for a week. 

▶ Level-by-level regulation of events and activities


 Level 1

 Level 2

 Level 3




Allowed (recommend compliance with quarantine rules)

No gatherings of more than 

50 indoors and 100 outdoors

No gatherings of 10 or more

Attendance of 

athletic events

Number of spectators restricted

No spectators allowed

Suspension of events

Use of private 


Permitted with an order to refrain 

from operating high-risk facilities 

and a recommended compliance of

prevention measures

Suspension of high-risk 

facilities.Facilities must follow

quarantine measures.

Suspension of high-risk 

facilities. Facilities must follow

quarantine measures.

Schools, kindergartens 

and daycares

In-class or remote

In-class or remote (reduction

of students for in-class)

Remote or closure

Private institutions 

and enterprises

Flexible work hours and working

from home recommended

Restricted number of workers


Working from home 

recommended for all 

but necessary


◆ Beach quarantine  

△ The city has been working hard to raise awareness of its new policies on Haeundae Beach. 

Until Aug. 15, visitors to Haeundae, Songjeong, Gwangalli, Songdo, and Dadaepo must wear masks. Failure to comply may result in a fine of up to three million won. Additionally, eating and drinking at these beaches between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. is prohibited. City Hall and local police are enforcing these rules to include roads around the beaches and nearby parks. Confirmed patients who cause spreading by not complying with the rules will face consequences.

City Hall has tasked foreign consulates in Busan with keeping foreign residents informed about COVID-19 prevention guidelines. English instructional materials have been installed at the entrance of beaches, and announcements are being made in English to aid non-Koreans in proper procedure.