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Gwangalli is Busan's trendiest new spot

영어신문 4월
Gwangalli's restaurants near the beach come with delicious food and a marvelous view.  - 출처 및 제공 : 문진우


Social media has changed how we live. Now, it's even changing how we travel.  


The photo-sharing application Instagram is used by an estimated one billion people around the world and is a popular tool in Korea. By analyzing data of Korean Instagram users from last year, it's possible to discover the country's favorite travel destinations. Photos and hashtags from last year include beaches Gwangalli and Haeundae with one important note돟 there were more mentions of Gwangalli Beach than of Haeundae Beach, which has traditionally been Korea's biggest holiday destination.  


Since young users are actively using the application, this could mean that the current generation is more interested in Gwangalli than it is in Haeundae.  


While this could be surprising, perhaps it is less curious than one might think. After all, the beach is famous for its night view of Gwangan Bridge and for the Busan Fireworks Festival, held in the fall. Furthermore, unlike Haeundae, with its restaurants and pubs somewhat far from the main beach area, food and beverage establishments line the sands of Gwangalli.  


But if all you're looking for is people-watching and a view, then just have a seat and take it in, because there's nothing Gwangalli does better.