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Busan branded best in Asia by Lonely Planet


Just remember: You loved Busan before it was considered cool. You're such a trendsetter. 

Our favorite city is garnering international attention as the iconic Lonely Planet travel guide has placed Busan at the top of its annual "Best in Asia" top 10 list.

"Busan is a stunning confluence of scenery, culture and cuisine," the article enthuses. "It's long been domestically lauded as the country's best beach getaway, but South Korea's second largest city packs an eclectic offering of activities to suit all travellers."

Lonely Planet's praise points out Busan's large amount of hiking opportunities, hot springs, Buddhist temples and the city's most famous fish market in Jagalchi. They also cite the annual Busan International Film Festival and its participation in the "Culture City of East Asia" cultural exchange program between Korea, China and Japan. 

City officials are hoping Busan's selection by Lonely Planet will attract more tourists from around the world.  

The rest of the list included Uzbekistan, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Western Ghats in India, Nagasaki in Japan, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Lumbini in Nepal, Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka, Sichuan in China and Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Lonely Planet's "Best in Asia" selections began in 2016, when Hokkaido in Japan took the top spot. The Gansu province in China came in first place last year.