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Busan taps into craft beer

The pints are being poured at Gwangan's Gorilla Brewing Company, one of several craft beer brewers that are quickly changing perceptions about Korean beer. 


The mind is a powerful thing. This is good when the weather is so hot that even a thought of a refreshing, cool brew is enough to keep us going.

Until not too long ago, beer choices here in Korea were limited mostly to light, mildly-flavored American-style lagers. Over the past decade, however, more international beer options have arrived in select pubs and convenience stores. Even more recently, revisions to the Liquor Tax Law in 2014 have made entry into the beer market for smaller companies easier. It's definitely a growing industry here. There were only 59 breweries throughout Korea in 2012. By 2017, there were almost a hundred.

This month, Dynamic Busan highlights some of the city's delicious craft options that are constantly changing perceptions about Korean beer. Are you thirsty yet? 


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