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Two parks, many ways to play

Busan Citizens Park, in Busanjin-gu (district), is located on the site of the former Camp Hialeah United States military camp.  


 Hello, blue skies, hello, spring. What seasonal adventures do you bring? And, can I finally put my winter coat and gloves away until December? Why, thanks, don't mind if I do.

 After a nasty cold snap in March, spring is finally making her presence felt in Busan. What better way to welcome her belated return to the area than by spending time at two of the city's best places to enjoy a spring day? Fancy a fine meal on a blanket in the grass? A day watching baseball or getting lost in a book? Whether at the park or the ball park, your weekend plans are sorted.

 This month, Dynamic Busan is heading to Busan Citizens Park and Sajik Stadium. Come join us!

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