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Create traditional work with guidance of masters

The Busan Traditional Arts Center is running a special opportunity for residents to learn about traditional crafts directly from renowned masters of them until Nov. 28. 

The hands-on experience  is desined to introduce and preserve some of the nation's intangible cultural assets. Participants will receive training from masters in their respective fields to make and keep their own projects.


△ Embroidery


△ Shoes  


△ A kite 


△ A signboard 

The craftspeople include Choe Yuhyeon, known for embroidery, master shoemaker Ahn Haepyo, renowned kite-maker Bae Moosam and Ahn Jung-hwan, who will instruct participants in how to make traditional figurines. 

Those interested in the program may take part in two courses from each instructor. Participation for all classes is free, but some material costs may be incurred.

The Busan Traditional Arts Center is located in Suyeong-gu (district), near Geumnyeonsan Station. Visit for scheduling information and how to take part in the program. For more information, call 051-758-2530.