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International Culture Focus 2:Tulip Busan

Busan has several centers where visitors can experience the cultures of countries from around the world. Among them, there is Tulip Busan, Busan's destination for Turkish culture. Tulip Busan runs a monthly program on a variety of topics, including crafts, art, music, food and anything else pertaining to this unique blend of European and Asian culture. 

7-2-6 터키문화원
Learn about Turkish art (Mosaic Lamps) at Tulip Busan.

Craft classes in February include a mosaic lamp activity, where participants can make a lamp using colorful glass pieces and a course in Ebru, a traditional Turkish art that uses a method of spraying dye on top of a special solution to create stunning wave patterns. The class will give participants the opportunity to make their own scarves using this Ebru technique. Furthermore, every Saturday in February, you can learn how to play the ney, a traditional Turkish flute with a 5,000-year history. 

There are also programs to learn about, cook and taste Turkish cuisine. The center will run tasting sessions and lessons on Turkish coffee and tea, two beverages integral to the culture. There are also weekly cooking classes to attend. Learn to make a spinach cake and muhallebi, a Turkish pudding, and experience a real Turkish breakfast filled with an abundance of bread, cheese, olives, jam, yogurt and beautifully-arranged vegetables and nuts. Programs are charged and must be booked by phone or through social media.

Phone: 051-851-5545

Address: 10th floor, 141, World Cup-daero, Yeonje-gu

Facebook: @tulipbusan

Instagram: @busantulip_

◆ Tulip Busan schedule of classes




 Feb. 6, 22


 Feb. 15, 27


 Every Saturday


 Feb. 23

 Pottery Painting

 Feb. 18, 23


 Feb. 8, 15, 22, 26, 29

 Mosaic Lamps

 Feb. 9, 19 , 22, 23


 Every Saturday