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Foreign finance assistance

The Financial Supervisor y Service has added a Thai version of its foreign finance guidebook. The Thai version joins the already available versions in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian and Indonesian.

The guidebook offers practical advice for foreigners in Korea, including how to use bank services, foreign exchange and remittance abroad, how to access convenient financial services, deposit and insurance, how to prevent financial fraud, as well as living tips for foreign residents. 

Not only does the guidebook provide useful financial advice, it can be used as a tool for learning the Korean language. The guidebooks are presented in helpful, easy-to-remember cartoons and include examples about past situations that can be used as guides for the present. 

The foreign finance guidebook is distributed across the country at a number of locations including multi-cultural family support centers, foreign support centers, foreign job training centers, banks with foreigner services and more. Information is also available online.