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Korean language assistance

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A new smartphone app for those interested in learning the Korean language, culture and more is now available. 

"Han-Tong-E" was developed and released by a group of Busan University of Foreign Studies-affiliated professors after two years of development. Its translation services are available from Korean into 10 languages: English, Japanese, French, Mongolian, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Russian. Unlike many Korean language applications that only offer translation for English, Chinese and Japanese, Han-Tong-E was developed for great usage across a larger portion of the world. Users can utilize the app through voice, images and text. With this, detailed explanations in the selected language are provided from taking a picture or recording a voice, for example. Additional research and improvement to the app is ongoing, with new features expected to be added at a later date. 

-Information: "Han-Tang-E" on Google Play for Android or on Apple's App Store.  (Click here to access the app information in Google Playstore)