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Realty ease for foreigners

Busan recently added 19 real estate offices in the city to a growing list of "global brokerage offices," for foreigners seeking to live in the city. 

These global brokerage offices offer their full slate of real estate services such as house leasing and selling for foreigners who reside in Busan. 

They join 34 other real estate agencies in Busan that were previously designated "global brokerage offices," bringing the total number of offices to 53. 

The new group of global brokerage offices includes eight in English, eight in Japanese and three in Chinese. These were selected among licensed real estate agents in Busan through examination of papers and language proficiency interviews. There are currently 31 English-designated global brokerage offices in Busan.

A complete list of officially-designated global brokerage offices in the city, for English, Japanese and Chinese speakers, can be found here. Here is the list of the offices as below.