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Taxi transfer discounts

500 won reduction is available when you transfer to a taxi. 

Taxi passengers in Busan can now benefit from a recently-enacted initiative by the city to offer transfer discounts between different forms of public transportation. Passengers using prepaid transit cards transferring to a taxi within 30 minutes after using a bus, Busan Metro train, the Donghae Line or Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit can get a 500 won discount. 

The system applies only when public transportation is taken before the taxi and enough money must be on the card to pay the fare for the discount to be applied. Busan is the first city in Korea to offer this taxi fare discount.

Only passengers with prepaid  transportation cards like Cashbee and Mybi are eligible for discounts. The city will decide later if the system could be expanded to post-paid transportation cards.

The transfer discount system is aimed at encouraging passengers to use taxis more often and improving taxi driver labor conditions.