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Museum of Contemporary Art Busan re-opens

An exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
- An exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art. 출처 및 제공 : By Seonghoon Kwon


It's been a long time, but the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan has finally re-opened its doors.

After its opening exhibition in June last year, the museum closed in order to provide a more creative art platform. The museum has opened once again with brand new exhibitions.
"The Phenomenon of the Mind Facing Yourself" is the mind-bending title of one of the museum's returning pieces. It is designed for visitors to contemplate their existence and lives by focusing on the mind. Eight artists will be featured through various installations, photographs and performances.

The core agenda of this exhibition is to use art to communicate with modern society. After all, the mind is responsible for everything we perceive, but it can be difficult to define or make tangible. This is largely what "The Phenomenon of the Mind Facing Yourself" sets its audience up for. The museum pays attention to the psychology and minds of modern people facing constant change. Perhaps this is why Taiwanese artist Wang Te-yu represents the human body and mind with a giant, white walk-in balloon that blows wind into its fabric.ature, Life, Human," another exhibition, aims to expose the full extent of the world's modern ecological crisis. Famous artists such as Claire Morgan, Edward Burtynsky, Changwon Lee and more are set to participate in this exhibition. In particular, the installations of Claire Morgan present fundamental issues between life and death through stuffed animals, seeds and other natural objects.

Finally, the exhibition "A Formula for Imagination" displays works that the museum has collected since 2017. This exhibition tries to dispel the prejudice that exists against modern art that it is abstract and obtuse.
Exhibition hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The hours are extended to 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Be aware that the museum is closed every Monday.  


How to get there: The museum operates shuttle buses from Hadan Station (Metro line 1) to the museum.
Information English is available.